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Vuras, a creature of the Astellan, created the planets like Vuran/Na-Oru, his moons and many more. At the end of his forces, his body splintered in many parts from which the Manar emerged. They shaped the life on Vuran/Na-Oru according to their imagination.

Torn, Manar and the ruler of darkness, was annoyed about the contempt of his ability. He could not believe how few creatures worshiped the darkness and how many creatures feared the darkness. Over the years, he became more and more jealous about the achievements of the others and the evolution of the planet. After an dispute with Santhea he killed her and noticed, that he has received her powers. Shortly thereafter he was striving to kill all the other Manar and to steal their powers, too.

Over the years, Torn found many of the Manar and killed them. With new skills he was able to create new beings, too. His creations helped him to conquer many countries, find and capture certain people, and get more Manar to wipe them out.

But the peaceful inhabitants of the world were not asleep. They saw what Torn was up to and started to form their armies against him. Some protected the remaining Manar from Torn and his helpers in their big cities. Some of the remaining Manar also took the shape of the inhabitants and were able to hide from Torn.

Torn got more annoyed and started to destroy all the countries, cities and all the inhabitants with his armies. His troops were getting bigger and bigger - the search of the last few Manar was getting easier - the end of Vuran is getting closer…

In the year 3593 Torn started the hunt of Cyra - The Princess Of Time and after him the last Manar

Online Mangas

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Movie Project

Midor, an old town in the Silverforest, is attacked and the residents have to flee. On the run they meet the Reka Rivasian, a queen from the south. She tells them that her city was also attacked and they are going to Vanoa. The Midor, hoping to be safe, go with them…

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  • Animals - Santhea, Fivuna and Ioneta created the most animals on Vuran
  • Characters - All characters
  • Other Creatures - Some other creatures
  • Plants - Neda´s creations can be found here
  • Races - All races on Vuran
  • The Manar - They aren´t gods!
  • The Solar System - The Astellan, the planets and the moons
  • The worldmap of Vuran, details about the countries and their history can be found here

The Princess Of Time is the generic name of a High Fantasy Manga Universe created by C. A. Colletta. The creation of the world took more than 20 years.


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